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please allow me to introduce myself


I am a photographer, not a writer. Instead of me going on and on about my Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Photography from the Art Institute, my 9 years of professional photography experience or the 200+ weddings that I have photographed, I decided my nearest and dearest can better tell you what to expect!  

Since I just came up with this idea, and requested the write ups only hours ago, this will have to do for now (again, not written by me!)


Tara was born and raised in San Jose, California. From the moment you first interact with her you will see her personality as easy going and reliable. Whether she is rigorously working, hiking in the woods or lost in her creativity, you will always see a smile on her face. 

Tara LOVES to travel. She has been to 18 states, driving through 16 of them. She is working on adding more stamps to her passport which already contains stamps from Mexico, United Kingdom, Portugal and the Bahamas. 


It's the emotion in the image that makes the magic, and Tara strives to capture the unguarded moments when people forget they are in front of her lens. Tara is especially skilled at unobtrusively capturing all the details from the biggest moments you remember to that split second you may have overlooked.